Ezekiel 27 & 28

Further prophecies concerning Tyre: In chapter 27 the city is pictured as a stately ship. Verses 5-11 give a description of the ship; verses 12-25 of her cargo; and verses 26-36 of her shipwreck and total loss, with the widespread mourning that ensued. In chapter 28 the prince of Tyre is regarded as personifying the genius or spirit of the city, and as incarnating in his person the principle of evil which animated it. The terms used concerning him (especially in verses 11-19) are such that the figure of the human ruler seems to merge into Satan himself, the originator of the sins of which Tyre was guilty.

  1. Contrast men’s judgment of Tyre (27:4, 33) and Tyre’s view of herself (27:3) with God’s judgment of her (28:2-8). What was the per-eminent sin of Tyre?
    Cf. Dan.4:29-32.
  2. In what sense did Tyre become ‘a terror’ (AV 27:35, 36)?
    See also 26:21; 28:19. To what kind of fear should such a catastrophe give rise in our own hearts?
    Cf. Deut.17:12, 13; Rom. 11:20; 1 Tim. 5:20.
  3. 28:20-26 is a short prophecy against Sidon, which was closely linked with Tyre.
    What is said in verses 20-26 to be the twofold purpose of God’s judgments:
    (a) in relation to himself, and
    (b) in relation to his people?


1.27:36. Hissing expressed astonishment, rather like whistling today.

2.28:3. ‘Daniel’