Ezekiel – 11

  1. The political leaders in Jerusalem thought they were safe within the fortification of Jerusalem, as flesh in a pot is safe from the fire (verse 3).
    What does God say concerning them?
    For the fulfillment of the prophecy, see 2:Kgs. 25:18-21.
  2. The people of Jerusalem thought that they were favored of the Lord, and would be given possession of the land, while those in exile would be cut off (verse 15).
    But what was God’s purpose concerning those in exile (verse 16-20)?
  3. Trace the steps by which the glory of God withdrew from his temple. See 8:3, 4; 9:3; 10:4, 19; 11:1, 23.
    What hint is given in chapter 11 as to the possibility of the return of the glory and under what conditions?
    Cf. 43:1-4, 9.


  1. Verse 1. ‘Jaazaniah son of Azzur’: a different man from the Jaazaniah of 8:11.
  2. Verse 23b. ‘The mountain’: i.e., the Mount of Olives.