Ezekiel – 9 & 10

Following the prophecy of judgment, with Ezekiel recorded in chapters 6 and 7, and the vision of chapter 8, which illustrated in detail why such a judgment was justified, the prophet here gives a picture of God acting in judgment in the destruction of both the people (chapter 9) and the city (chapter 10) according to his word in 8:18.

  1. Chapter 9. What was God’s answer to the prophet’s cry of distress?
    Cf. Jer. 14:19; 15:1. Who alone were spared, and why?
    How were they distinguished from others?
    Compare the distinguishing marks that similarly brought men salvation, described in Exod. 12:13; Rev. 7:1-3; 14:1.
  2. Chapter 10. To what use were the burning coals put, and what did they symbolize?
    How does this differ from their function in Isaiah’s vision (Is. 6:6, 7)?


  1. ‘The cherubim’ of chapter 10 are the same as the ‘living creatures’ which featured in the vision of chapter 1.
  2. 10:14. We would expect to find the word ‘ox’ instead of ‘cherub’, and this should probably be understood (cf. 1:10).