Ezekiel 2:1-3:21

  1. To whom was Ezekiel sent, and how are they described?
    What was to be the theme of his message to them?
    See 2:3-7; 3:4-11.
  2. What two meanings are symbolized by the eating of the scroll, one having reference to the prophet himself (2:8), and the other to his ministry (3:4)?
    Consider the application of these things to all who would be God’s messenger?
  3. What consolation are there in these verses for one called to witness for the Lord among those who are obstinately opposes to the gospel?
    Why is such opposition no excuse for ceasing to witness (2:5b)?
    What are the four possible cases which are cited in 3:17-21?
    What relevance do these have for the work of Christian ministers today?


  1. 2:1, 3. ‘Son of man’: a phrase occurring over ninety times in Ezekiel. It is used to draw attention to the prophet’s insignificance and mere humanity.
  2. 2:6. ‘Briers and thorns … scorpions’: symbols of the trials he would suffer.