Daniel 6

The identity of Darius the Made is still a matter for debate, but the most likely candidates are Gobryas (Gubaru), the governor of Babylon, or Cyrus the king. This is one of many instance of biblical interpretation over which the reader has to admit that we simply do not know the answer until fresh evidence comes to light to help to solve the mystery.

  1. Neither pressure of business nor the threat of death kept Daniel from prayer. Is this true of you?
    Do you think that other qualities in Daniel’s character revealed in this chapter were the outcome of his prayer life? What were those qualities?
    Cf. Is. 40:29-31; Phil. 4:5, 6.
  2. Is your faith of such kind that you can stand alone in obedience to God without external support?
    Are we living in such a way that even our keenest critics take it for granted that the will of God comes first in our lives, come what may?