Daniel 2:31-49

  1. Observe that the four kingdoms, though historically appearing one after the other, are yet all parts of the one statue. Also, it is not just the last kingdom of the four, but the whole statue that is broken by the rock that strikes it.
    a) What does the dream reveal as to God’s final purpose?
    b) And, what differences do you find between the kingdoms of the world represented by the statue and the kingdom represented by the rock? (see Rev 11:15).
  2. What divine purpose did the dream serve in relationship to:
    (a) Nebuchadnezzar,
    (b) Daniel and his friends,
    (c) and all who knew, or know of it? (hint 2:47)

Verse 39,40. Those who assign the book of Daniel to the Maccabean period take the four kingdoms to be those of Babylon, Medes, Persians, and Greeks. This, however, apart from other objections, seems to be contrary to the book itself, which regards Medo-Persia as one kingdom (see 5:28; 6:8; 8:20,21). Therefore both the assigning of the book of Daniel to the Maccabean period and the assumptions concerning the kingdoms is not preferred.