Haggai 2

  1. Picture the desolate scene and the despondency of the people (verse 3).
    But how did the prospect appear to Haggai’s eye of faith (verses 4-9)?
    On what grounds did he reassure them, and to what vision did he direct their eyes?
  2. Verses 10-19. How does Haggai show that:
    (a) in the sanctified life contact with unholy things must be avoided, and that
    (b) mere contact with holy things is not sufficient?
    Is it possible to deceive ourselves today, as the Jews of Haggai’s day did?
    Cf. 2 Tim. 2:19-22.
  3. What will be the fate of all human activity and organization carried out without God, and what is the work that will stand, whose doers are blessed from the day they set their hand to it?
    Cf. 1 John 2:17.
    Why would Zerubbabel be safe when the Lord would shake the heavens and the earth?

Note. Verse 23. ‘Like a signet ring’: a symbol of honour and authority. Cf. Jer. 22:24.