Lamentations 5

  1. How would you infer from this chapter that it was written sometime after Jerusalem had fallen?
    How would you sum up the conditions in the land?
    How does this chapter illustrate what is said in Heb. 12:11?
    Contrast the present disposition of the people with what they formally said (Jer. 5:11, 12; 18:18).
    What did they still lack?
  2. With verse 16, cf. Jer. 13:18, and with verse 21, Jer. 31:18. Consider how much God’s word spoken before through Jeremiah meant to the people at such a time. Cf. John 13:19; 14:29; 16:4.


Verse 9. A refers of the danger of attack from desert robbers when the people ventured out to reap the harvest.