Jeremiah 36

  1. The events of this chapter cannot have been very long after those of chapter 26 (com[pare the dating in verse 1 with 26:1).
    God in his compassion bids Jeremiah make one more appeal.
    In what respects does it differ from that of chapter 26:
    (a) in its content,
    (b) in the manner of its delivery, and
    (c) in its outcome?
  2. Why do you think the princes felt they must tell the king (verse 16)?
    Was it to get Jeremiah silenced (cf. Amos 7:10-13), or in the hope that the king might harken to God’s word, as Josiah had done (2 Kgs. 22:10, 11)? With verse 24, cf Is. 66:2. Do you have the impression that this was a fateful moment for the nation, and that very much depended on the king’s action?
    Are there comparable decisions in your life?
  3. Compare verses 19 and 26.
    How do I describe a successful action or activity of my own?


  1. Verse 5. ‘I am restricted’: perhaps because of the fear of his causing a disturbance (cf. the impact of his temple sermon in chapter 26), or perhaps because of some ceremonial defilement.
  2. Verse 8. This verse sums up in brief the story of the following verses. Note from verses 1 and 9 the time taken to complete the scroll. The incident of chapter 45 falls between verses 8 and 9.