Jeremiah 30:1 – 31:26

See Analysis. This passage forms part of a group of prophecies. It was a time of darkness and despair, and Jeremiah himself apparently derived much comfort from the message (31:26).

  1. This passage falls into sections that are all variants of the one theme, that after judgment will come restoration. See 30:1-3, 4-11, 12-22, 23, 24; 31:1-9, 10-14, 15-20, 21-22, 23-25.
    What are the blessings promised?
  2. To what extent have these blessings been fulfilled?
    Observe that they are spoken of northern Israel as well as of Judah (30:4; 31:1). Cf. Rom. 11:25-27.
  3. Meditate on the greatness of the blessings promised here as fully realized only in Christ. Cf. John 7:37, 38; 15:9-11; 16:27.


  1. 30:14. ‘All your allies’: i.e., the nations with whom Israel had sought alliance. Cf. verse 17b.
  2. 31:2. ‘The desert’: here denoting the place of exile.
  3. 31:15. ‘Rachel weeping for her children’: a graphic picture of the sorrows of the exile. Rachel, the mother of Joseph and Benjamin, is depicted weeping in her grave, which was near Ramah, as the exiles pass by. Cf. 40:1; also Matt. 2:17, 18.