Jeremiah 21 & 22

These chapters refer in turn to the last five kings of Judah: Josiah (22:15, 16), Jehoahaz or Shallum (22:10-12), Jehoiakim (22:13-19), Jehoiachin or Coniah (22:24-30), and Zedekiah (21).

  1. Zedekiah’s hope was that God would work a miracle, as he had done in the days of Hezekiah, a little over a century before (21:2; 2 Chr. 32:20-22).
    What was Jeremiah’s answer, and what light does this throw on ‘unanswered prayer’?
    Cf. 7:16; 11:14; 14:11, 12; Is. 59:1, 2.
  2. Chapter 22. Why did Jeremiah condemn injustice and outrage?
    Consider the contemporary application of this word from the Lord.
    Are we guilty of conforming to any current social iniquities or sharp practices?
  3. 22:21. (The northern kingdom behaved in the same way – see 3:25.) Reflect upon this verse as depicting the pattern of Judah’s history.


  1. 22:6. Gilead and Lebanon typify prosperity.
  2. 22:20. ‘Abarim’: a mountain range to the south-east of Palestine.
  3. 22:22. ‘Shepherds’: see 2:8 and mg.