Jeremiah 8:4 – 9:22

Further exposure of the moral and spiritual plight of the people, and descriptions of the coming judgment. Jeremiah’s heart is almost broken.

  1. What specific charges does God level against his people in these chapters?
    Are there any traces of these faults in your own life?
  2. Consider the evidence this passage gives of the effects of sin on a nation’s morale and prosperity. See e.g., 8:14, 15, 20; 9:5, 6.
  3. Compare 8:11 with Jeremiah’s anguish. What modern counterparts to the former must we beware of?
    Are we ready to sorrow for others like Jeremiah, and to keep on pleading with them as he did? See 25:3.


  1. 8:4-7. The sin of Judah runs counter to the pattern of nature. Cf. Is. 1:3.
  2. 8:20. Probably a proverbial saying expressing the thought that it is too late.