Jeremiah 5 & 6

Further indictments of Judah (5:1-5) – all classes are alike corrupt), warning of coming judgment, and depictions of the invasion and its effects.

  1. Make a list of the main sins charged against the people. Are we in danger of any of these sins? Note especially Judah’s response to God’s word and messengers.
  2. Was judgment inevitable? Was God not willing to pardon? What are we taught here about the ‘kindness and sternness of God’ (Rom. 11:22)? Cf. Rom. 4:4, 5.


  1. 6:1. Tekoa and Beth Hakkerem were few miles south of Jerusalem. The ‘signal’ (I.e., a beacon; cf. Judg. 20:38) would alert the south, or perhaps guide the refugees from Jerusalem.
  2. 6:3. ‘Shepherds with their flocks’ here means kings and their armies.
  3. 6:16. ‘Stand at the crossroads’: i.e., Judah must return to the crossroads to regain the right path. Cf. 18:15.
  4. 6:25-30. Jeremiah’s work is described as that of a tester of silver. But no pure silver results from the process of refining. Cf. 9:7.