Jeremiah 1

  1. Verses 4-10 and 17-19. What did God require from Jeremiah, and what did he promise him?
    How can this apply to us?
  2. What is the divine interpretation of the two visions that Jeremiah saw?
  3. What aspects of God’s character and activity are brought before us in this chapter? Cf. Eph. 1:4.


  1. Verse 5. ‘Knew’: in the sense of ‘regarded’, almost equivalent to ‘chose’. ‘I consecrated you’: set apart for myself. For ‘prophet’, see verse 9.
  2. Verse 11. “Branch’: probably meaning a straight shoot just beginning to blossom. The word for almond tree is from the same root as the word ‘watching’ in verse 12 (see mg.). Moffatt translates ‘wake-tree’. The almond was so called because it was the first to awake after the sleep of winter.
  3. Verse 13. The boiling pot is ready to pour out its fiery contents southwards.
  4. Verse15. ‘Their thrones’: i.e., of judgment.