Micah 4:8-5:15

Tow prophecies with a ‘Now… But…’ pattern. See Analtsis.

  1. 4:8-5:1. Zion will be besieged and her inhabitants exiled. But what will follow?
    On a personal level, what is man’s true perspective to be?
    Cf. 4:12 and 1 Cor. 2:9, 10.
  2. 5:-6. From this early Messianic prophecy what do we learn of the Messiah’s origins and activity?
    How did Jesus fulfil the longings of prophet and people?
  3. 5:10-15.The life of the restored remnant of Israel will be one of God-given (verse 7) victory (verses 8, 9), but purification will be involved (verses 10-14). Disobedience is disastrous (verse 15). See 1 Pet. 2:9-12, 16; 4:7 and consider how the same principle still applies.


  1. 4:10. ‘Go to Babylon’: a remarkable instance of prophetic prevision, because at the time the great enemy was Assyria, not Babylon. But see Is. 39:6, 7.
  2. 4:11. The nations gather to ogle, and worse. But one day the roles will be reversed; cf. 7:10b, 17.
  3. 4:13. Devoting spoil to the Lord was an old custom ; cf. Josh. 6:24.
  4. 5:3. Israel shall be surrendered up until the Messiah is born; then, the Messiah’s family will be reunited.
  5. 5:5. ‘Seven… eight’: an indefinite number according to Hebrew idiom: whatever the need for leaders is, it will be met.
  6. 5:6. Read (with mg.) ‘he’ (i.e., the Messiah) ‘shall deliver us….’
  7. 5:14. ‘cities’: probably, better, ‘sacrificial stones’. Verses 10-*14 (like 6:7b) hint at the sort of unfaithfulness which characterized the reign of Ahaz; cf. 2 Kgs. 16:3.