Isaiah 29:1-30:17

  1. 29:9-16. What were the reasons for the people’s spiritual blindness and lack of spiritual discernment, and in what ways did they show this?
    What causes the spiritual transformation of verses 17-22? See verses 18, 24.
  2. On what various grounds does Isaiah urge his hearers that they should rely on God rather then on Egypt?
    Trace out in 30:8-17 the respective issues of the two ways.
  3. Observe the contrast between the extreme distress of Jerusalem in 29:2-4, and her complete triumph in 29:5-8. How can this encourage us in times of severe trial?


  1. 29:1-8. ‘Ariel’ is a name for Jerusalem. It may mean ‘lion of God’ or, as is more probable here, ‘hearth of God’ (RV and NIV mg.). Jerusalem will become an altar hearth soaked with the blood of many victims.