2 Timothy 1 & 2

  1. Picture Paul’s circumstances. See also 4:9-13. What positive Christian truths sustained and encouraged Paul as he lay in prison?
  2. Note how Paul reminds Timothy of the demands and cost of Christian service.
    Express in your own words the chief points of Paul’s counsel and exhortation to him.
    To which of these do you particularly need to listen?
  3. What do verses 3-7 reveal concerning the value of a God-fearing and Christian home and upbringing? Cf. 3:14, 15.
  4. What do verses 1-13 teach about the Christian life concerning:
    (a) what it demands from those who embrace it,
    (b) the source of its strength, and
    (c) its final end? Seek personally to face the challenge of the illustrations that Paul uses.
  5. Verses 14-26. What should be the Christian’s dominant aim and purpose? What should be his attitude to:
    (a) evil things, and
    (b) enemies of the truth?
    Note: (a) what Timothy is repeatedly told here particularly to avoid; and
    (b) by what methods he is to seek to win back to the truth those who are misled.