2 Peter 1:1-11

  1. How do verses 1 and 10 describe the Christian’s relationship to God?
    What is meant by ‘knowledge’ in verses 2, 3, 8?
    What provision has God made for our present life, and what will be our final position (verses 3, 4, 11)?
  2. If our salvation is the product of God’s call and power (verses 10, 3), why are we urged to zealous effort (verses 5, 10)?
  3. Analyse the picture of the fully developed Christian given in verses 5-7 in relation to:
    (a) his personal character;
    (b) his attitude to God; and
    (c) his dealings with others.
    Observe that these all rest on a basis of faith, but faith without these added qualities is not enough.