1Peter 2:4-17

  1. Verses 4-10. What images does Peter use to describe the Christian church?
    What determines whether men find a place in it or not?
    Each image suggests special blessings and responsibilities. Seek to identify these, and to face up to the practical challenge of each.
  2. Verses 11-17. What instruction concerning worthy Christian conduct are given here?
    In what ways are aright attitude and corresponding right action important:
    (a) for our own spiritual well-being, and
    (b) for effective witness for God in the world?
    How can God use our ‘good conduct’? Cf. Matt. 5:16.


  1. Verses 4-8. Peter justifies his comparison of Christ to a stone from there Old Testament passages: Ps.118:22; Is. 8:14; 28:16. To the believer Christ is the corner-stone on which the whole building depends; to the unbeliever he is a cause of stumbling.
  2. Verses 16. ‘A cover-up for evil’: i.e., ‘an excuse for base conduct’ (Weymouth). Cf. Gal. 5:13.