Hebrews 11:23-40

  1. Verses 23-28. Note how Moses’ faith gave him the twofold awareness and assurance emphasized in verse 1. What choices did such faith lead him to make:
    (a) concerning the world in which he had grown up, and
    (b) concerning the cost of siding with the Israelites?
    How ought similar faith to affect my attitude towards the interests to which I choose to devote my life?
  2. Verses 28-31. What different steps of faith and its expression are illustrated by these four instances?
    What kind of faith did the capture of Jericho demand?
    Cf. 3:14; 6:11, 12; 10:35, 36. Is my faith at all weak in this last quality?
  3. Verses 32-40. These verses give a summary of the achievements and the sufferings of the men and women of faith. Note that the victories are of all kinds; and that the most outstanding witness is given by the ‘martyrs’ who suffered and died rather than deny their faith.
    In what ways am I more privileged than they?
    Would I be ready to follow their example, or does their faith put mine to shame