Hebrews 11:1-22

  1. Faith deals with things unseen and things future, and, in particular, with the living God and his faithful doing (verses 1, 6). It is sure of the present reality of the one, and of the coming fulfilment of the other.
    Notice in detail how these characteristics of faith were exhibited in the lives of the individuals mentioned here. What does this tech me I need to desire if my life is to please God?
  2. Verses 7-16. To what should faith in God pay attention, and what does its full expression involve?
    Where is the crowning fulfilment of its hopes to be enjoyed?
    How should such awareness affect my present outlook, action and attitude to life?
  3. Verses 17-19. What apparent contradiction was involved (as Abraham at first saw it) between God’s promise and God’s command concerning Isaac? How di Abraham’s faiths in God triumph over this test, and what new hope did Abraham have in God?