Colossians 2:8-23

  1. What four defects dose Paul find in the false teaching (verse 8)?
    In what ways dose he then set forth Christ as the one, absolutely sufficient Savior (verses 9-15)?
    List the treasures and the benefits that are ours in him.
  2. Verses 16-23. It is quite clear that the false teachers stressed:
    (a) the observance of holy days,
    (b) the worship of angels, and
    (c) ascetic practices. On what grounds dose the apostle show all these to be mistaken, useless and hurtful as a means of salvation?
  3. Verses 11-15. How is the way in which Christians have been ‘circumcised’ distinguished from the rite practiced by the Jews?
    By what ceremony has Jewish circumcision been replaced for Christians?
    How is its symbolism related to the death and resurrection of Christ? Cf. Rom. 6:1-14.


Note. Verses 11,12. ‘In the putting off of the sinful nature’: the false teachers advocated the rite of circumcision as a means of purification. Paul’s answer is that in the believer’s identification with Christ in his death and resurrection the whole body that has been governed by sinful desires is put off, and a new person emerges. This far more than fulfills all that the rite of circumcision signified.