Colossians 1:24-2:7

  1. In 1:24-29, what dose Paul say about:
    (a) his sufferings (cf. Acts 9:15, 16),
    (b) his commission,
    (c) his them, and
    (d) the method, aim and inspiration of his ministry?
  2. 2:1-7. what is essential if Christians are to stand firm in the faith and not be misled?
    How can thy gain encouragement to continue and become more fully established?
    Do you (a) desire such progress for yourself, and
    (b) pray like this for others?


  1. 1:28. The false teaching suggested that full participation in Knowledge and consequent maturity was restricted to a select few. The gospel makes it possible ‘in Christ’ for all alike- for ‘everyone’.
  2. 1:29; 2:1. ‘Struggling’: a metaphor fore the Greek game, a word used again in 4:12 (translated as ‘wrestling’). It describes here earnest conflict, straining every never, in prayer.