Colossians 1:1-23

  1. Of what blessing that God has made ours in Christ dose the gospel speak?
    What results did this gospel produce in the experience of the Colossians who heard it?
    Have I made as much progress as they had?
  2. In his prayer for the Colossians, for what further progress in the things of Christ dose the apostle ask?
    Carefully note the items in Paul’s prayer. In which of these directions do I most desire or need myself to make progress
  3. What is revealed in verses 15-20 concerning our Lord’s relationship to God, to creation, and to the Church? What practical effects should this revelation have on our Christian faith and life
  4. Verses 21-23. From what condition, at what cost, and with what goal in view has Christ recued us?
    What is required of those who desire fully to enjoy these benefits?