Philippians 3:12-21

  1. Verses 12-17. Once a person knows they are ‘saved’ or ‘justified’, what attitude should they adopt to life? Even after they have ‘grown up’ as a Christian and become ‘mature’, what concern should still dominate their thoughts? What are they never justified in doing? How in consequence ought I to be acting?
  2. Verses 18-21. What kind of outlook, interest and expectation should a Christian have, and why? By contrast, what kind of appetite and interest dominates some? What difference should the cross of Christ make to my daily life? Cf. Gal. 5:24; 6:14.


  1. Verses 12, 15. ‘Perfect’ or ‘mature’: the Greek word means ‘having reached its end’. It was used of persons who were full-grown or mature.
  2. Verse 20. The thought here is that Christians here on earth are a colony of heavenly citizens, just as the Philippians were proud to think of themselves as a colony of Roman citizens. Cf. Acts 16:12, 21.