Ephesians 4:1-5:2

  1. Express in your own words the difference between the unity described in 4:3-7, as already existing among Christians, and that mentioned in 4:13-16, which Christians are to seek. How is the first to be preserved and how is the second to be attained?
  2. From 4:25-5:2 list the things which must be put away, and those which ought to take their place. Notice also in each case the reason given by the apostle why we must live thus.
  3. In what ways does Paul’s fourfold description of the life of the Gentile world (4:17-19) apply to the life of the non-Christian today? In contrast, what three principles are to govern the behavior of Christians (4:20-24)?
  4. Verses 26, 27. While there may be anger that is not sin, anger is dangerous. It may lead to some action that gives the devil scope to strike a blow at the body of Christ.