Acts 28

  1. The disastrous Journey is almost ended. What opportunities of service and witness did Paul find in Malta? Have you found opportunities of service for Christ when things, seemingly, go wrong in your life?
  2. ‘So we came to Rome ‘(verse 14). Cf. 19:21; 23:11; Rom. 1:13; 15:22, 23. This was the goal, but what can one learn from the fact that God had other ways for it to be achieved than Paul at first realized?
  3. Paul at Rome (verses 17-22). What was Paul’s chief concern on reaching Rome? It would seem he was anxious that no discredit should be laid against the Christian faith by your life?
  4. Verses 23-28. What was Paul’s message to the Jews at Rome? What reasons does he give for the persistence of so many in unbelief? What reaction did he expect the Gentiles would show? Is this still the same today?
  5. List the main facts with which Luke summarizes Paul’s ministry as a prisoner at Rome (verses 30, 31). Consider the influence Paul had during those years through people coming to him, and through letters he wrote to the churches he had visited.