Acts 2

  1. What three signs were given in connection with the coming of the Spirit? See verses 2-4, and 6, 8, 11. They express in symbol what our Lord had already stated in word (cf. 1:8), that the coming of the Spirit would lead to power, inspired utterance and universal testimony. What purposes of God was the Spirit thus given to fulfil?
  2. What was the reaction of the disciples, the crowd and the mockers to the coming of the Holy Spirit? What do you think your reaction would have been?
  3. What three passages of the Old Testament does Peter quote in his address and what facts of the gospel does he support by them? What can we learn from this concerning the place and use of the Old Testament today?
  4. What characteristics does Peter show in his preaching? Remember what he had been like eight weeks earlier. Wherein lay the change? Can this apply to your Christian service?
  5. What twofold offer is made in verse 38, and on what condition?
  6. What features marked the lives of these new believers and of the early church according to verse 42-47? How many of these are true in your experience?