2 Corinthians 8:1-15

Chapters 8 and 9 from the second section of the letter (see Introduction) , which relates to the fund which Paul was  collecting from the Gentile churches for the poor in the church in Jerusalem. It lay very near to his heart, and had great importance in his eyes, as a demonstration of the oneness of all believers as members of one body in Christ.

  1. In what condition were the churches of Macedonia at this time in regard to their circumstances?
    Yet what was their spiritual attitude, and in what four ways did it show itself?
    To what does Paul ascribe it?
  2. What is the chief point which he makes in verses 7-15?
    Gather out the other points which he makes, and consider them in their application to our own giving.


  1. Verse 5. ‘Give themselves’: i.e., for any personal service the Lord might require of them.
  2. Verse 15. The story of the manna indicates God’s purpose that in material things his people should have neither surplus nor want. They should, therefore, mutually help one another. Cf. Exod. 16:18.