Romans 6:1-14

  1. What is now the position of those who are spiritually united with Christ:
    (a) in relation to sin, and
    (b) in relation to God? How had this change been effected?
  2. This being our positon in Christ, how are we so to enjoy and express it as to live a life of victory over sin? See verses 11-14; and note the key words, ‘consider’, ‘let not’, ‘yield’.


  1. The question in verse 1 arises out of what Paul has said in chapter 5, especially verse 20.
  2. Verses 3-10 are an exposition of verses 2.
  3. Verse 6 ‘The sinful body in which sin obligations and relationships (cf. 7: 1, 2) is here applied to our former relationship to sin.