Romans 4:1-15

Paul has made three statements which were directly opposite to the Jewish interpretation of Scripture. The first was in 3:20, that by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified; the second in 3:30, that God would justify the Gertiles through faith without circumcision; and the third in 3:19 and 28, that salvation is given independently of the law. Paul proceeds, therefore, in chapter 4 to show that Scripture supports these propositions. He bases his argument mainly on Gen.15.

  1. Abraham, and David also, were men pre-eminently in the favour of God (cf e.g., Is. 41:8; Acts 13:22). On what basis, then, according to Scripture, was righteousness reckoned to them? See verses 1-8.
  2. At what time in Abraham’s life was his faith reckoned to hum as righteousness? How does this vitally affect the question at issue regarding the admission of Gentiles? See verses 9-12.