Proverbs 10 – 12

Proverbs 10:1-11:13

  1. In 10:2-6 there are four conditions of well-being in circumstances, mind and character. What are they?
  2. In the light of Jas. 3:10, what uses of the faculty of speech are here: (a) commended, and (b) to be avoided?
  3. What will the possession of integrity secure for a man (11:1-13)?


Proverbs 11:14- 12:28

  1. What two kinds of sin or sinners are said in this passage to be an abomination to the Lord?
  2. What other sins are condemned here? In what verses are they traced to their origin in the heart? Cf.4:23; Matt. 12:34, 35; 15:18, 19.
  3. Apply to yourself the five principles for the using of money expressed in 11:24-28.

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