Proverbs 7 – 9

Proverbs 6 And 7

  1. Verses 1-5 give warning against foolish financial commitments and pledges. What other warnings are given in these chapters?
  2. In what forms do the sins spoken of here manifest themselves at the present day?
  3. Test your life in the light of 6:16-19.

Proverbs 8

  1. Contrast the description of wisdom with that of the woman in 7:5-27. How do they differ in speech, in conduct, in what they offer, and in the goal to which they lead their followers?
  2. What is said of wisdom in verses 22-31 concerning: (a) its existence from the beginning; (b) its part in creation; (c) its communion with God; (d) its interest in man? Consider how in all these respects there is here a foreshadowing of Christ. Cf. e.g., (a) John 17:5; (b) John 1:1-3; Col. 1:15-17; (c) Matt. 11:27; (d) Heb. 2:17, 18.
  3. What similar but greater gifts than those which wisdom offers in 8:32-36 are offered in Christ? Cf. e.g., Matt. 11:29; Luck 11:28; John 14:21; 17:2, 3; 3:36.


Proverbs 9

  1. Set 9:1-6 and 9:13-18 side by side. In what respects are wisdom and folly (9:13, RV mg.) alike, and wherein do they differ?
  2. In my reactions to criticism and advice, do I show any of the symptoms of the scoffer or of the wise man, as shown in verses 7-9?

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