Proverbs 4 – 6

Proverbs 4 And 5

  1. What are the main lessons that the speaker seeks in these chapters to impress on us? What attention have I given, and am I giving, to this urgently expressed advice?
  2. 4:23-27 provide an admirable guide to successful living. Heart, lips, eyes, feet: what direction are given concerning each? Note how much is implied for the Christian by verse 18.
  3. What are the results, at various levels, of neglecting this way of wisdom? See 4:19; 5:9-14; 5:21-23.

Proverbs 6 And 7

  1. Verses 1-5 give warning against foolish financial commitments and pledges. What other warnings are given in these chapters?
  2. In what forms do the sins spoken of here manifest themselves at the present day?
  3. Test your life in the light of 6:16-19.

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