Job. 24 – 28

Job 22 and 24

1.Chapter 22. Of what does Eliphaz accuse Job (verse 6-9)? List God’s blessings on the humble (verses 21-30). Why does Eliphaz’ list of blessings (verse 3) make so little impression on Job?

  1. Chapter 23. Job earnestly desires to find God (verse 3). How is he now thinking to God? See verses 5, 6, 10, 13, 16. Is it as a friend or a foe?
  2. Chapter 24. What anomalies does job see in society around him? Compare what ‘you’ say (verse 18-20) with what Job says. Does this chapter teach us anything about how to make observations on life?

Notes. 22:2-4. Eliphaz’ argument is that God’s treatment of man is not with a view to any gain or advantage to himself but for man’s sake. Since we cannot suppose that he punishes them for their piety (verse 4), it must be because of their sin.

 Job 25 and 27

  1. How do Bildad and Job speak of: (a) God’s holiness, and (b) his omnipotence?
  2. The knowledge of God’s power does not help Job now. To what does he cling (27:1-6)? Was he right in this?
  3. Does 27:7-22 add any fresh ideas about the wicked?

Note. 27:7-22. Some part of the otherwise lost third speech of Zophar is possibly here. The thought echoes 20:12ff.

Job 28 and 29

  1. Chapter 28. What is expressed here concerning: (a) human skill, and (b) human inability? What are: (a) the source, and (b) the essence of true wisdom? Cf. 1:1; 2:3; Ps. 34:11-14.
  2. Chapter 29. What can we learn from Job’s description of his manner of life before tragedy overwhelmed him? What most stands out in his memory? What then gave enrichment and direction to his daily living?


  1. Chapter 28 reads like an independent insertion – a poem in praise of wisdom. The ‘wisdom’ meant is not simply mental ability, but understanding of the right way to act in the face of life’s mystery. Supremely, as known only to God, it means the master plan behind the Christ. Cf. 1 Cor. 1:30; Col. 2:23.
  2. Job’s speech in chapter 29-31 is best understood as a concluding monologue, summing up the whole situation.’

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