Job 6 -9

Job 6 and 7

Job is hurt by Eliphaz’ attitude. He had hoped for help, not criticism (6:14). He flings questions at God.

  1. 6:1-30. What does Job’s condition make him long for : (a) from God, and (b) from men? What can we learn from his double disappointment?
  2. 7:1-10. By what metaphors does Job describe his present life? 7:11-21. What is the substance of his complaints against God?


  1. 6:5, 6. Even animals cry out in misery: and human beings exclaim at distasteful food. Why shouldn’t Job complain?
  2. 6:20. Thirsty caravans perish in the desert pursuing a mirage. Job is similarly cheated by his friends.
  3. 6:30. ‘Can my mouth not discern malice?’…. means ‘Am I quite without good reason for my complaints?

Job 8:124

  1. To what authority does Bildad appeal for whaqt he says? How trustworthy do you think that authority is? What are Bildad’s views: (a) about God, and (b) about wicked men?
  2. What difficulties does Job find in his way as he tries to make God explain himself?


  1. 8:4. A cruel remark. Job’s children died because they sinned, according to Bildad.
  2. 8:11. Reeds without water. So wicked men fade away.
  3. 9:2. The meaning is, ‘How can a man establish his righteous before God?’
  4. 9:13b. Rahab is probably another name for the dragon. See RSV mg. none to 9:8b.


Job 9:25-10:22

  1. 9:33. ‘Someone to arbitrate’ (the ‘umpire’ RSV) is mentioned for the first time in the book. Keep a list of the occurrences, noticing what new features each fresh mention brings. Suggest ways in which Jesus Christ has made Job’s great wish a reality for us.
  2. What is jopb’s main desire in chapter 10? Do you think God is angered by such plain speaking? Cf. Pss. 55:1-8, 22; 62:8.


  1. 9:35. ‘Deep in my heart I have no guilty fears.’
  2. 10:12. An extraordinary verse to find in a long complaint. Either it means ‘Even in deep misery I am aware od an overriding loving purpose’; or ‘Even my past happiness was designed as a prelude to my present misery.’

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