Ezra 1-3

Ezra 1& 2

  1. First, what definite acts of God can be seen in bringing about this return to Jerusalem? With 1:1, cf. Jer. 29:10. Then fill in the outline given here by trying to imagine the feelings and actions of the people concerned. Note, e.g., 1:5,6; 1:7-11; the links with specific ‘home towns’ and positions; the claims in 2:59-63; the scene in 2:64-67; and the generosity and contentment of 2:68-70.
  2. In the light of these two chapters, meditate on Josh. 23:14.

Ezra 3

  1. As background to verses 1-6, see Lev. 23:23-43. What were the motives and purposes in the hearts of the returned exiles at this time?
  2. In what further ways was the Lord given a central place during this settling down period? Consider what challenge this study presents to you personally.

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