2 Chronicles 29 -31

2 Chronicles 29:1-31:1

  1. Hezekiah as king desired to reform the religious life of the nation, and worked urgently to a definite plan. What steps did he follow? Note his speed (29:3; 30:2) and his priorities (29:16-21)
  2. What evidence do you find that the Passover (chapter 30) was not merely an outward from, but signaled a genuine turning back to God? What signs were there of true spiritual revival?


Note. 30:2, 3, 13, 15. The king availed himself of the provision in the law that allowed the Passover to be kept in the second month, instead of the first (see Num. 9:10, 11), and thus avoided having to wait almost a year.

2 Chronicles 31:2-32:33

  1. How far Hezekiah’s thoroughness in all matters connected with religion the secret of his success? See especially 31:20, 21. Cf. Rom. 12:11; Col.3:23.
  2. What lessons can we learn from the way in which Hezekiah met opposition?
  3. How far did this spiritually minded king fall short of perfection? How may we learn from him?



  1. 32:1.This reference to Hezekiah’s faithfulness (31:20) is introduced to show that coming of Sennacherib was not because he had sinned.
  2. 32:5 Archaeologists think ‘the Millo’ (see mg.) at Jerusalem was probably part of the fortifications or the foundations for them.

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