2 Chronicles 19 -23

2 Chronicles 19 & 20

  1. In the beginning of Jehoshaphat’s reign he continued the policy of maintaining fortified cities for defence against Israel. But later he made peace with Israel through a marriage alliance (18:1; 21:6). How was this alliance with Ahab rebuked, and on what grounds? Cf. 2 Cor. 6:14; see also 2 Chr. 20:35-37.
  2. After this rebuke, what further steps did Jehoshaphat take to establish true religion in the land?
  3. When peril came, what did Jehoshaphat do first? What impresses you most in this story?

Note. 20:2. ‘En Gedi’: on the western shore of the Dead Sea and therefore not from Jerusalem.

2 Chronicles 21:1-22:9

  1. Identify the sins of Jehoram recorded here. How did God deal with him, and why? To what did he owe his survival?
  2. How far was the low state under Jehoram and Ahaziah directly traceable to the mistaken step of Jehoshaphat as recorded in 18:1? What does this illustrate concerning the character and consequences of some sins?

2 Chronicles 21:10-23:21

  1. Why had Jehoiada to wait seven years? What lessons may we learn from this for ourselves? Cf. Hab. 2:3. Why did he have confidence that the plan would succeed?
  2. What lessons in careful planning and organization can we learn from Jehoiada in our service of Christ?
  3. Jehoiada was not content with half measures. How did he follow up his victory? See 23:16-20.


  1. 23:2, 3. This was the preliminary gathering, secretly convened in the temple, in which all present pledged their loyalty to the boy king.
  2. 23:11. ‘The covenant’: i.e., the book of the law. Cf. Deut. 17:18-20.

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