2 Chronicles 8 – 9

2 Chronicles 7 & 8

  1. God’s immediate answer to Solomon’s prayer is given in 7:1-3. What effect did it have on the people? Cf. Lev. 9:24. How far should God’s mercies affect us?
  2. God gave a further answer to Solomon privately in the form of a promise and a warning (7:12-22). What were the conditions upon which Solomon’s petitions were to be granted? Do I fear the fulfillment of God’s warnings as I desire the fulfillment of His promises


2 Chronicles 9 & 10

  1. What was the Queen of Sheba’s testimony concerning Solomon? Has something similar been your experience of Christ? Cf. Phil.3:8.
  2. What led Rehoboam to make such a disastrous mistake? What did he lack that Solomon possessed? Cf. 1 Kgs.3:28.


  1. Chapter 9. Another side to the portrait of Solomon is found in1 Kings 11:1-13, and provides a background to the disruption. Note also 2 Chr. 10:4
  2. From chapter 10 onwards students are advised to make a list of the kings of Judah as they work through the rest of the book, and to note the biblical assessment of each (e.g, good or evil), with a brief mention of his contribution to the nation’s religious life.

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