1 Chronicles 13 & 16

1 Chronicles 13 & 14

  1. The story in chapter 13 will repay reflection. Was Uzzah alone guilty, or was the spirit of deep reverence lacking also in king and people? Was it too much like a heathen idol procession? What lesson would the judgment on Uzzah impress upon the people? Cf. Heb. 12:28, 29.
  2. The Philistines were not willing to submit to the ascendancy of David, and three times made an all-out effort to regain the upper hand. What may we learn from the way David met the challenge?

Note. 13:6. The power and majesty of God are emphasized, as also His presence. Note also the words ‘before God’ twice repeated in verses 8 and 10.

1 Chronicles 15;1-16:6

  1. What reason does David assign for the failure of the first attempt to bring the ark to Jerusalem? Comparing chapter 15 with chapter 13, what was there common to both processions, and what peculiar to the second? What is the obvious lesson for us to learn?
  2. ‘Joyful songs’ (15:16; see also verses 25, 28, 29). What made David rejoice so greatly? What did the ark stand for in his eyes? What kind of activity should cause us similar joy?

1 Chronicles 16:7-43


  1. Verses 8-22, 34-36. What should be the response of God’s people in return for all His goodness? Make a list of all the things the psalm calls upon them to do. Note for what purpose Heman and Jeduthun were ‘chosen and designated by name’ (verses 41, 42).
  2. Verses 23-33. Here the psalmist looks beyond Israel, and summons all nations to worship the Lord. What reasons does he give why they ought to do so? Can you use this hymn of praise as a thankful acknowledgment of all that the Lord means to you?



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