1 Kings 3 – 5

1 Kings 3

 1. Solomon’s request was pleasing to God (3:10), but was it the highest gift he could have asked? Cf. Exod. 33:13; Phil. 3:8, 10. What do you put first in prayer? What do we learn of God’s dealings with man from the way in which he answered Solomon’s request?

2. What good things are said about Solomon in these two chapters, and what benefits did his rule bring to his people? What, according to the writer, was the deepest ground of his prosperity?

Note. 4:4 b. this was true only at the very beginning of Solomon’s reign. See 2:35.


 1 Kings 5

1. To what great task did Solomon first set his hand, and what motives moved him to undertake it? Are we as ready to speak to a non-Christian friend of the goodness of God and of our desire to serve him, as Solomon was to speak to Hiram?

2. What can we learn from the fact that even in the arrangements that Solomon made with Hiram for materials and skilled labour, he acted according to the wisdom given him by God? Cf. Eph. 5:15-17; Jas. 1:5; 3:17.


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