2 Samuel 8 – 12

2 Samuel 8 & 9

1. Use a map to follow the path of David’s victories. What reasons does the writer emphasize for David’s success?

2. How does David’s treatment of the spoils of war differ from the way in which he dealt with the gods of the Philistines captured in battle (1 Chr. 14:8-12)? Is there a reason for this? Cf. Deut. 7:5.

3. Do you see any parallel between David’s treatment of Mephibosheth and God’s acceptance of us?


2 Samuel 10 & 11

1. Why is Hanun’s treatment of David’s envoys inexcusable?

2. Joab shows up in a better light here. What does this add to what we already know of his character?

3. At what stage in his career did David fall? Where should he have been at the time? How did the temptation grow? Was he able to keep his sin secret? Do your answers to these questions, and your reading of the passage, suggest any general lessons about sin?


2 Samuel 12:-13:37

 1. How did God open David’s eyes to his sin through Nathan’s words? Are you prepared for him similarly to open your eyes?

2. What can we learn from chapter 12 about: (a) repentance, (b) forgiveness, and (c) discipline? Cf. Ps. 32:3-5; Heb. 12:6, 11.

3. 13:1-37. What lessons emerge from a comparison of Amnon’s sin with David’s? What was wrong with the way in which Amnon was treated by: (a) David, and (b) Absalom?


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