1 Samuel 28 – 31

1 Samuel 27 and 28

 1. Contrast David’s words in 27:1 with 17:37. Into what action did depression drive him, and what price had he to pay for it? Are you ever overcome by circumstances in this way? Cf. 2 Chr. 19:2; Jas. 4:4.

2. Looking back over the story of Saul, how did he final sorry state? What warning ought we to take from his confession in 28:15? Cf. 1 Tim. 1:19.

 Note. 28:7. Consulting a medium was expressly for hidden in law of God. See Lev. 19:31. Saul, too, was resorting to something he himself had disowned. See 28:9.


1 Samuel 29 and 30

 1. Chapter 29. Into what great difficulty had David brought himself, and how was he delivered? Do I ever give the world cause to say, ‘What is that Christian doing here?‘ Cf. 2 Cor. 6:14.

2. Chapter 30. Strength in defeat and generosity in victory. How does this chapter illustrate these characteristics? Have you learnt David’s secret of inner strength? Cf. 23:16; Ps. 18:2.

1 Samuel 31& Revision

  1. Compare the defeat of the chapter 31 with that of chapter 4. What were the reasons for these defeats? Cf. 1 Chr. 10:13, 14. What challenge does this bring to your own life?
  2. How did David’s experience, as recorded in chapters 16-31, all serve to prepare him for his future work as king?

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