Numbers 35-36

 Numbers 33-35 

1.  What details standout in this statistical account which make one aware of the particular interests and concerns of Moses (See 33:2) the ‘statistician? What does he wants his readers to take note of and remember?

2.  The theme of entry into a promised inheritance appears several times in the News Testament. Cf. especially Acts 20:32; Rom. 8:17; Gal. 3:29; Her.6:11, 12.Heb.11 makes it clear that our real inheritance teach us about preparing for and claiming our true inheritance? To what warnings ought we to pay attention?

3.  What can we learn from chapter 35 concerning God’s standards of judgment as regards manslaughter and murder?

Note. For consideration of Numbers 36, see study 20 above.


Numbers 27 & 36 Laws of Inheritance

  1. What was the principle lying behind the request of the daughters of Zelophehad, and to what did the request lead? What was the importance of all this?
  2. What was Moses’ overriding concern before his death? How was Joshua’s commission different from that of Moses? Was it inferior?

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