Numbers 11-13

Numbers 11 & 12 Complaints

  1. What different attitudes are shown here by the people, the rabble, Joshua, Miriam and Aaron, and Moses? How does Moses stand out as ‘different’?
  2. How did God ‘deal’ with the various complaints made?

Note. 12:3 ‘Humble’: not concerned for their own interests or prestige, and so able to pay no attention to the unfair attacks on themselves.


Numbers 13:1-14:10a. The spies are sent into the land


  1. To what places in Canaan did the spies go? Look up Hebron and the Valley of Eshcol on a map. What were they commissioned to discover, and what report did they give?
  2. What lay behind the opposing views expressed in 13:30 and 31? Were Caleb and Joshua being unrealistically optimistic and refusing to face facts? What was the outcome of the people’s fear and unbelief? Notice how few believed, and the frequent occurrence of the word ‘all’ in 14:1-10. Cf. Heb. 4:1, 2.

Note. 13:32. ‘The Land we explored devours those living in it’: this probably refers to the constant wars between its people, and their ferocity in internecine strife.


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