Exodus 30 – 32

Exodus 30 & 31

  1. Chapter 30. The altar of incense and the bronze laver speak of the need for prayer and for daily cleansing. Cf. Ps. 141:2; John 13:10; 1 John 1:8, 9. What lessons can we learn from this chapter on these important subjects?
  2. Chapter 31. What was God’s part and what was the children of Israel’s in the designing and making of the tabernacle? See verses 1-11 and cf. 25:2, 9.


Exodus 32

  1. How does Aaron illustrate the dangers of compromise when essentials are at stake? What did compromise lead to? Why was God’s anger kindled against the people?
  2. What features of Moses’ character stand out in this chapter? What can we learn from his example?

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