Exodus 7 – 9

Exodus 6:10-7:25

  1. God had called Moses and promised deliverance to the people. Why did he delay so long in fulfilling his promise? What did Moses learn from these difficult experiences and delays?
  2. Why was Pharaoh so confident and so adamant in disobeying God’s command? See particularly 7:11-13, 22, 23. How does this king of opposition to God show itself now? Cf. 2 Tim. 3:1-9.

Note.6:12. ‘Of uncircumcised lips’: uncircumcision symbolizes unfitness for God’s presence, and hence, more generally, unfitness for his service. Cf. 4:10.

Exodus 8

  1. What is mentioned in this chapter as the double purpose of the plagues? Cf. Is. 45:22-25; Rom. 1:18.
  2. What new evidence are given of God’s power, and how would these encourage the Israelites?

Note. Verse 26. A reference to the sacrifice in Israelite worship of bulls, cows or oxen, which in Egypt were sacred to Isis and therefore sacrosanct

Exodus 9

  1. How does Pharaoh’s attitude show the difference between sorrow for the consequences of sin and true repentance?
  2. Contrast the nature and the consequences both of faith in God’s word, and of unbelief, as illustrated in this chapter.

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