Genesis 41- 42

Genesis 40:1-41:13

  1. What qualities in Joseph are shown in this passage? Try to find at least five.
  2. How did God make Joseph’s prison experiences work together for good? Why were victory over temptation, and use of opportunities to prove God and help others, so important at this stage?


Genesis 41:14-57

  1. What in Joseph so impressed Pharaoh and his court that he was made ruler of Egypt? Compare your own character and consistency with his, and consider where you fall short.
  2. If we have found in Christ the Bread of life, and men around us are perishing, what spiritual lesson can we draw from verses 54-57?


Genesis 42

  1. What was the motive of Joseph’s apparent harshness towards his brethren? For his real feelings, see verses 24, 25. Have we here an illustration of the methods that God also uses? Cf. Heb. 12:6, 11; Jer. 31:18, 19.
  2. What brought the brothers to the recognition of their guilt? See Verse 21.
  3. How mistaken was the attitude of Jacob in verse 36! What many we learn from this about our own attitude when everything seems against us? Cf. Ps. 43:5; Phil. 4:6, 7.

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