Genesis 38 – 40

Genesis 38 & 39

  1. Chapter 38. From what initial false step did all the events of sin and shame originate? What can we learn from this? Cf. Gen. 24:3; 26:34, 35; 27:46-28:4.
  2. Chapter 39. How did Joseph exemplify the best qualities of his ancestors: the faith and faithfulness of Abraham, the meekness of Isaac, the energy and ability of Jacob, the beauty of Rachel?
  3. Over what temptations did Joseph win the victory? What was the key to his success?


Genesis 40:1-41:13

  1. What qualities in Joseph are shown in this passage? Try to find at least five.
  2. How did God make Joseph’s prison experiences work together for good? Why were victory over temptation, and use of opportunities to prove God and help others, so important at this stage?

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